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    If you have issues with pests or rodents like: carpenter ants, odorous ants, spiders, wasps, mice, rats, moles, or others we can help. Call us today— our professional exterminators and pest control experts are ready to solve your infestation problem quickly.

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    Pest Control in Portland


    Portland-area homeowners often have to deal with ant infestations, primarily carpenter ants and odorous ants. Carpenter ants will build their nesting areas in wood by chewing through it and costing you thousands of dollars in damage. Odorous ants are tiny and can be found throughout your home in high-moisture areas, such as your bathroom.

    We focus on extermination methods that are non-contact and get to the root of the problem. That means killing the main colony with small, low-risk treatments that will keep you and your family safe.

    Rats & Mice

    Rats and mice can cause serious damage to your home and spread serious diseases. In Portland, we commonly find roof rats, Norway rats and house mice, which can multiply quickly and nest in your attic, walls and crawl spaces. 

    Extermination methods will vary for these hazardous creatures. First, we determine what type of rodent has infiltrated your home and the size of the infestation. Then we’ll decide how to proceed safely and schedule follow-up appointments to ensure full extermination. 


    Are moles causing havoc in your yard? These annoying burrowers can destroy your lawn with a series of tunnels and mounds. In Portland, most property owners deal with Eastern moles that are active at all times of the day and night. For decades, we’ve successfully handled moles and helped people preserve their outdoor spaces.


    While spiders aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can be a pesky nuisance. Spiders will leave cobwebs and startle you by showing up in bathtubs and corners. These pests can also produce hundreds of eggs at a time. When exterminating spiders, we’ll identify the type of spiders that are showing up in your home before using effective methods like spraying to effectively eliminate their presence.


    It’s essential to rid your home of termites as soon as possible. Portland deals primarily with three types of termites: Western subterranean, Pacific dampwood and Nevada dampwood. All types can cause devastating damage to your home by attacking wood and timber.

    We have extensive experience dealing with all types of termites. To safely exterminate these insects, we’ll identify which kind of species have infested your property. From there, we’ll determine a custom plan of action to eradicate them.

    Wasps & Hornets

    The fear of getting stung by a wasp or hornet can prevent you from enjoying your outside space. It’s especially terrifying if you have severe allergies to insect stings. When their population grows, these insects can quickly become a problem. 

    You’ll need safe nest removal by experienced professionals, and that’s where we come in. For decades we’ve safely removed the hives and nests of various wasp species, including yellow jackets, paper wasps and hornets. 

    We’ll determine what kind of species have invaded your outside area before carefully moving the wasps so you can feel at ease.


    Complete Pest & Rodent Extermination Services…Guaranteed!

    We provide quick and affordable techniques to exterminate, control, or prevent infestation.

    Choices, Choices…

    Let’s face it – there are a lot of choices for your Portland pest extermination needs. There are big, national and local Portland exterminator & pest control companies that spend millions of dollars on advertising, only to treat you like a number. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the one-person exterminator operations that pop up from nowhere and disappear without advance notice. Regardless of the problem, be it a rat or ant infestation, you need to entrust your pest control services to an award winning local company.

    Based on 102 reviews.
    Scott Shoji
    Scott Shoji
    Dave was great. He arrived early, explained what he would be looking for, diagnosed the problem of roof rats in our garage attic space, and found and closed off the point of entry. He left traps in the space and will be back in 5 days to check them. He was courteous and professional the entire time here. Would definitely refer him and All Pest Control Company to anyone else looking for similar services.
    Steve Perrault
    Steve Perrault
    Good solid company. Techs are professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. Administrative staff are always friendly and cheerful. I highly recommend All Pest Control Company.
    Heidi Lemieux
    Heidi Lemieux
    Dave is friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I appreciated his communication during the thorough home inspection. He was clear in explaining what was happening and how to fix the problem. I am very confident with his service and expertise. Dave, thank you.
    Debra Lindsay
    Debra Lindsay
    Very Nice efficient technician that was honest about Services that I didn't need,. A different company I received an estimate from on the same Day said there was "Current Pest Activity" including Rats and Squirrels.. Dave from Pest Control pointed out that the Rodent activity was "Past History" and that there was no Current activity,thus there was no Service needed for those items. His findings were consistent with the Home Inspectors finding. It is rare to see this type of Honesty any more. I Highly recommend this Company! D. Newman
    Drew Bodmer
    Drew Bodmer
    They do an amazing job from ants to rats for our home. They are quick, responsive, and professional. And local, so supporting our community
    Kim Finch
    Kim Finch
    They have been wonderful to work with! Spent time showing me what is going on and how they are addressing it. Answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. Brandon was the best! Everyone I've worked with on phones to coordinate and answer questions have been very helpful. Customer service has been excellent. We will be continuing in with their services. Kim Finch
    Royce Waxenfelter
    Royce Waxenfelter
    Great service, prompt and accommodating, friendly and thorough. Very satisfied with the result. Thank you!
    Peter Stamnes
    Peter Stamnes
    Trenton was amazing. Thank you for helping with our wasp problem. Would definitely use again.
    Alice Jones
    Alice Jones
    Would highly recommend All Pest Control. Dave was very nice, knowledgeable, and efficient. He even said if the problem returns within 30 days to give them a call and they'd take care of it. That kind of reassurance gives me peace of mind. Amazing customer service. Thank you!
    Paul Jacobs
    Paul Jacobs
    I have used All Pest at home, and now at my business, and Dave has made us feel so much better about our rodent problem! Everything he said was crystal clear and concise, and he is working with us on a plan to rid our building of critters! As a nonprofit business in Tigard, we are very grateful for All Pest and the care and kindness that they demonstrate throughout their work.

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