Everyone wants to stay warm…even the rodents.   We have received quite a few calls over the last couple of  weeks regarding some early holiday guests.   Except that these unwelcome guests have long leathery, scaley tales, beady eyes and short, coarse fur.

The cold temperatures are pushing some of last mice and rats indoors for more comfortable nesting.   This migration commonly happens throughout the fall, but recent cold is forcing the issue with those that had yet to seek warmer surroundings.   Often, after strong fall rains and winds, a few more entry points to structures have loosened and opened up.   It doesn’t take much space for a mouse or rate to squeeze through a gap.

This is an especially important time to keep floors and hidden areas clean of loose food.   Every rodent that survives through the winter is primed to start breading soon thereafter.   With their short gestation periods, quickness to maturity, and large litters, things can get quickly out of hand come spring.   So if you see any signs of intrusion, it is wise to take quick action right now and save yourself alot of money and headache in a few months.