Imagine if you will, you are going about your busy life, you walk though you house door at the end of the day, and you are hit with this strong, nasty stench. There is only one thing that creates this type of smell – something died and is starting to decay. Odds are very high it is some sort of rodent – a mouse or rat. Yuk!

The first inclination, when faced with this situation, is to take immediate action. However, what the average Portland homeowner has on hand for such occasions is usually fairly limited. A spray can of scented room spray is usually first out of the gate. Often, someone might spend upwards of a day trying to convince his or her self that this is really working. But the smell is still there. It might be time to break out scented carpet powders, start burning candles, or just the house an extended airing out (not a fun option in the middle of winter.)

But when you have cycled through all of these ineffective options, the underlying smell of decay. So, are there any option left for the desperate homeowner to get rid of these odors?

Yes. The first option should always be to track down and if found, remove the dead mouse or rat. If you are fortunate enough to find it, don’t expect an immediate cessation of the terrible, pungent odor. The surrounding areas and item in the house will likely still have the smell in them as the result of having been absorbing it for a period of time.

Next of the odor elimination list, even if the rodent was found, is to get a professional grade odor neutralizer. Unlike fragrance, which doesn’t solve the problem but just changes the smell to a different variation of disgusting, odor neutralizers actually bond with the odor. Once bonded, the smell that eventually reaches your noise is odorless. Of course, there are times when even the best neutralizer will only help so much and additional neutralizing must be done, but this is a much more successful approach to making your home livable again.

If you are experiencing any odors in your home, whether from mice and rats or something else, please give All Pest Control Company a call. We are very skilled at tracking down the odor source and use the best available neutralizers available.