Much like with our own personal health, when there is a pest control problem, we tend to focus only on the immediate problem.

However, pest control performed on a year-round basis greatly helps maintain a pest free environment and avoid the next pest crisis.

We are learning more and more about the wisdom of keeping our bodies in healthy shape to help circumvent many preventable diseases.   The same is true with residential pest control.   A structure that has been kept pest free and has become an inhospitable environment for pests, so to speak, is less likely to attract new ones.

Pheromones trails, a sort of species-specific road map left behind by many living creatures for others of the same species to follow breakdown and dissipate over time.   But every time a pest picks up the trail and it and some friends head down it, new pheromones are laid down.   On the other hand, an environment that has deterred pest for extended periods of time become less attractive to new pests coming near the vicinity.   The pull to follow the road more traveled is not as strong.

The same holds true with mammals as well as insects.   Moles, for instance, leave behind a network of tunnels that would impress the designer of the New York subway system.   It takes time for these tunnels to physically collapse and stop attracting new “tourists” into your yard.

Year-round pest control plans can both help keep pests away for longer as well as provide a mechanism for regular inspection in case any type of pest problem is showing early signs of possible development.   By catching problems early or preventing them all together, many of our customers find our maintenance plans to actually be more   affordable than paying to have large problems periodically address.

All Pest Control Company offers affordable pest control maintenance programs of various types.   Talk to Portland’s Pest Control Experts today about keeping your home pest free for a low price!