Carpenter Ant Damage is Real!

Sometimes it is easy for homeowners to question which household problems are the ones to put to the top of their to do list.   Let’s face it – there is always an abundance of issues around the house that need attention.   It is common and easy to assign the occurrence of a few “little ants” to a spot lower on the list.   Heck, maybe they will even go away on their own!   Not likely with carpenter ants.

Unlike other household issues, carpenter ants actually have a purpose and are very determined to accomplish it.   Neither a dripping faucet, a drafty window seal nor some unsightly flooring have a purpose.    Carpenter ants do though, and it is to protect and grow their colony, almost always at the expense of your structure!   A carpenter ant problem will virtually never go away by itself and conversely, will almost always continue to get worse and cause more damage, whether you can see the damage or not.

Check out this linked video of nationally renowned carpenter ant expert, Dr. Laurel Hansen, on the Oregon Field Guide.   It will make you think twice about ignoring your “little ant problem!”