Yellow Jackets Can Nest Both in Ground and On Houses

This year has been a particularly bad one for yellow jacket infestations.  Unlike paper wasps,  which tend to nest in the eaves of structures, yellow jackets generally nest either in the ground or near cavities in siding or attics.  And if you have ever had one chase you, you know how much more aggressive they can be than an ordinary paper wasp.

It is fairly easy to tell the difference between the two types of nests – Yellow Jackets or Paper Wasps.

Obviously, if they are swarming down at ground level, chances are that what you see are yellow jackets entering and exit a ground nest.  When a nest is just clinging to and drooping down the siding, as it is in this video, that is a good indication that you are dealing with yellow jackets.

While we think it is wise to call in a professional for any type of infestation because of our experience with the treatments and high success rate, you certainly want to do so if you determine that you have yellow jackets.

Whether you can tell what type of infestation you have or need an opinion, call us today for a free estimate to keep you free of yellow jackets and wasps.  503-968-5950.