Portland exterminator treating perimeter

Portland exterminator treating perimeter

An exterminator in Portland is going to have a distinctively different workday than pest control experts in other parts of the country.

If you were a pest exterminator in Alabama, you would likely spend most of your time killing ants of numerous sizes and varieties while in Arizona, you might be shaking your work boots at the end of the day to make sure that no scorpions that you might have overlooked didn’t hitch a ride home with you. Different areas have their own, unique pest concentrations.

 Portland Exterminating Environment

Much like other aspect of the Portland atmosphere, our pest environment is mild in the sense that we have no significant population of dangerous pests (think scorpions, black widows and snakes.) Additionally, we are not heavily focused on just a couple high pest species but have a wide variety on bugs. Because of this, a Portland exterminator has to be well versed in a broad spectrum of pests and various control techniques. We do not have the luxury of being an expert in one or two species that constitute 98% of our service calls.

 Diversity of Exterminating Duties

A common day of exterminating for a Portland pest pro might include tackling infestations and invasions of crawling and flying insects, arachnids, rodents, and insectivore mammals (moles.) There might be wood destroying insects, biting insects, stinging insects, harmless but annoying bugs, and those that can introduce health risks.

Some pests might need to be trapped and killed while others trapped and released. Some are dealt with individually, some controlled in small quantities by coming in contact with the same treatment location, and yet others by the entire nest or colony. Finally, some pests are immediately killed, some mildly and slowly poisoned so that they go back and infest others with the treatment, and yet others only deterred. Specific methods of extermination might include spraying, fogging, baiting, or trapping. On occasion, even the same pest might be exterminated by means of employing different methods or combinations of more than one of these methods.

The list of an exterminator’s daily stops may include single-family residences, multi-family residences like apartments, condos or townhomes, industrial warehouses, offices, food production facilities, and restaurants (including food carts!) Even more specifically, various pest issues can commonly occur in the structure’s eaves, attics, interior areas such as the carpet, baseboards, and furniture, crawl spaces, the exterior foundation perimeter and finally, nearby objects such as decks or woodpiles.

When considering the breadth of pest types, structure type, infestation locations, extermination methods, and variety of treatments, a Portland exterminator never needs to worry about being bored! They are constantly learning more, from internal company training, vendor training, field-testing and state required continuing education courses. All of these elements combine to ensure that All Pest’s exterminators continue to be at the top of their field in the Portland area.

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