Meet the All Pest Control Exterminators and Staff

Exterminator Portland OREach and every one of us at All Pest Control cares about you and your pest problem.  Like you, all of us have had pests infest our homes at one time or another in our life, so we know how you feel.  It can range from annoying, frustrating, and disturbing to downright scary.

We love the fact that our company is big enough to meet your needs but still small enough to know and remember our customers and their needs and preferences.  Here is a chance to see and get to know a little about the folks who will help you with your pest problems.

The Whole Staff

From left to right: Ed (Pest Tech), Amy (Operations Manager), Kevin (Senior Pest Tech), Ashley (Scheduling and Customer Service), Tom (Owner), Michael (Pest Tech), Amber (Customer Service.)

The Portland Exterminators (Technicians)

Joshua Musante


Kevin is the Senior Pest Technician at All Pest Control Company. A lifelong Oregonian, he has over 23 years of pest control experience in the Portland Metro area. He is pleasant, informative and you will never feel pressured when in his calm presence. Kevin is a man of high integrity and it shows in his daily life. He loves a good mystery movie and accordingly, enjoys solving “who did it” pest problems. After family time, spoiling a perfect, sunny day with an average round of golf is his favorite pastime.

Jared Reynolds


Born in Montana, Ed was originally training to be a firefighter until an injury changed those plans.  Life subsequently took him through the oil fields of Colorado and the landscaping business before finding a home in the pest control industry seven years ago.  Over that time he has gained vast knowledge of pest management, especially of rodent biology and behavior in both commercial and residential settings.  Family time is always first with Ed but when it’s time to get out and have some fun, he enjoys camping and fishing.

Miguel Mesa


Michael Fist Bumping a LionMichael hails from the Cajun state of Louisiana.  He has been in the Portland area for five years, most of which have been spent killing bugs and pests.  Prior to entering the pest control field, Michael worked as a notice server.  Now he spends his days serving notice to pests of all kinds that their time is up.  When not working, he loves learning more about computers and software.  On any given weekend, you might find Michael taking in many of the outdoor wonders that Oregon has to offer. Or fist bumping lion statues. You just never know.