Now that the weather has been warming up in the Portland, OR area, you can count on starting to see Carpenter Ants to pop up again.   With many pest control companies offering to treat Carpenter Ants, the most important information that you need to know is what makes our approach best for you?

There have been a lot of changes in how Carpenter Ants should “properly” be treated over the last few years.  I say “properly” because many Portland companies still employ the older methods.  Why?  More often than not, older methods are still offered because that enables them to justify a higher price to the homeowner.

Comparative size of a carpenter ant

A few years ago, an exterminator treating for Carpenter Ants would need to drill holes in your home’s siding, apply dust behind electrical plates and use large amounts of insecticides inside of your home.  Our new methods now involve little if any treatment inside of your home and are not intrusive to the structure.

So, am I saying that a perimeter spray is all that every Carpenter Ant infestation needs?  Absolutely not!  Every property and job must be evaluated for it’s own unique situation.  There is no “one solution fits all problems” approach to successfully controlling ants as some companies on the opposite spectrum of the issue might suggest.  While as mentioned above, some companies want to exaggerate the amount and type of work that needs to be done, others want to minimize it in order to hit a nice sounding price point, whether that solves the problem or not.

One problem with Carpenter Ants is that if treated incompletely, the problem can be suppressed versus solved.  Since a colony commonly goes years before discovery, knocking the colony “down, but not out” can sometimes happen and just push the eventual resolution of your problem down the road.  Ultimately, the more thorough the treatment, the more confidence we can offer you that your problem is solved, not just temporarily swept under the carpet.

I don’t like it when people exaggerate at both ends of the spectrum to get either more money out of you or less effort out of themselves.  Our customers tell us that they very rarely see the return of Carpenter Ants after our new treatment methods so we have tossed out the old mentality that is so prevalent in this industry.

We now offer some of the longest carpenter ant warranties in the business – up to 3 years when a thorough, comprehensive treatment is performed!  36 months is a lot better than 12 months!  Unlike what many pest control companies will tell you about needing ongoing extended service, our warranty does not require any continued service, although many homeowners do find that they prefer to be constantly free of all pests and ask for our periodic service.  Our very competitive prices for a Carpenter Ant treatment can commonly range from $250 to $450, much less than many of our competitors.

If you have Carpenter Ants in the Portland area, please call All Pest Control Company today – (503) 968-5950.