When you see a pest scurrying through your home, you may feel the need to tackle the issue with bug spray—fast. Don’t do it. Instead, call a professional carpenter ant exterminator who can help rid your home of these dangerous pests.

What Are Carpenter Ants?

Carpenter ants shouldn’t be confused with the tiny odorous or sugar ants you see around your home. Carpenter ants are much larger in size and nest in wood. Because of their nesting habits, they can quickly damage any wooden surface or structure, from piles of firewood to your home.

Often, carpenter ants will find their way into your home through air vents, cracks, pipes and even telephone lines. The most common sign of an infestation is seeing these ants around your home. You may also see wood shavings in places where nesting occurs if your infestation is severe.

How an Exterminator Can Help You Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

A professional exterminator can help rid your home and yard of carpenter ants through treatment. To properly remove ants, you must treat the colony as a whole, not just every single ant you see. An exterminator can locate the colony and provide treatment to stop the infestation at the source.

There are various treatment options available. For example, your exterminator might spray the colony and then place baits around your home for the few that escape. They may also spray a barrier spray around the outside of your home to keep ants and other pests from entering your home.

Avoid Do-It-Yourself Extermination Products

Extermination works if you allow it to. We understand how difficult it is to be patient when pests are crawling around your home. Yet, the only way for the treatment to be successful is by allowing it to work on its own. Avoid spraying or using store-bought sprays and baits. These things will only hinder your pest treatment.

It’s important to note that you may still see ants up to two weeks before populations start to decline. This is completely normal. If pests persist, our treatments are guaranteed—we’ll treat until your ants are gone.

Got Carpenter Ants? Call the Pest Control Experts Today!

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