How do you get rid of moles in your yard?

get rid of moles in yard

An infestation of moles on your property can be a major stressor, particularly when there is varying advice regarding how to solve the pest problem. The best thing you can to help get control of moles in your yard is to identify exactly which type of critter is on your property and to then choose the best-fit pest removal method. 

Know the Pest

Depending on the pest infesting your home, a neighbor, an uncle or an online community will give you their supposed tried-and-true methods to rid your property of the problem. No matter what the true pest control solution is, however, you first need to be sure about which pest is pestering you.

Moles are a common cause of yard damage in Portland and other Oregon areas. Pest control professionals can resolve the pest issue, but they first would need to be sure they are, in fact, dealing with moles.

The yard evidence of moles can be easily mistaken as evidence of gophers. Since the treatment for those creatures is different, it is most efficient to have a pest control company see the yard damage to assess whether the mounds on your property are made by gophers or moles. You don’t want to go through the trouble of trying to treat a pest problem only to find out you were wrong about the problem from the beginning.

A quick assessment that you might be able to make on your own involves reviewing the type of mounds that you see.  Moles mounds are conical (like a mini volcano) and will include some dirt clods.  Gopher mounds tend to be more crescent shaped and additionally, usually have the hole in the center clearly plugged back up to “close the entry way” so to speak. 

Also, location can give you a clue – – gopher mounds more likely to be near some vegetation where they are eating the roots.  Hence, they can, but not always, be closer to a tree or shrub.  Mole mounds can be all over a yard – out in the center of lawns, between shrubs, and at the edge of lawns and planting beds.  And of course, moles don’t exclusively make mounds.  They also make runs, which are much less pronounced that mounds and are a continuous trail of slightly lifted soil, much like the ridge of a tiny mountain chain.  Gophers do not make these runs.

Choosing the Right Mole Elimination Methods

Getting moles to decide to relocate would likely be ideal for many homeowners. Unfortunately, moles don’t respond to eviction notices. Treating a mole infestation can take many forms such as trapping, poisoning, gassing, or reducing their primary food source (moles love grubs.) Understanding where the moles are, what their movements look like, what behavior they’re showing, and more will help you identify the best, safest means for removing them.

But it’s not enough to remove a mole or two from your yard. If you want to truly get control of the moles that have taken over your property, you will need to ensure you take the right steps to eliminate the problem completely.

You May Need Help to Get Control of the Moles

Owning property and making a home for one’s family can provide the greatest sense of pride in one’s life. If you are dealing with a pest problem, it can feel as though your power over your home is compromised.

Moles can damage the hard work you have put into your yard and even be a farming threat for those whose livings depend on healthy soil. Don’t hesitate to get professional pest control help as soon as you are concerned about the conditions on your property.