A mice infestation in your home can be distressing. They are noisy, contaminate your food, and spread disease and filth. They also cause damage to your home, from chewing through cables to gnawing on hard surfaces.

If you have mice in your home or business, you’ll want to get rid of them right away. We’ve put together the best methods to get rid of a mice infestation.

Get a Professional Mice Exterminator

Before you go to the hardware store to stock up on traps, know that a professional mice exterminator could be your best bet. Traps will help you catch some of those rodents, but they likely won’t rid your house of a full-blown infestation.

Mice breed quickly and can multiply in your home within a few months. They can start mating at six-to-eight weeks old and give birth at three weeks to litters of four-to-twelve pups. Nests are often found in areas that are hard to reach. Before you know it, the mice have spread to your walls, cabinets, closets and more.

When you use a reputable pest control service, you get the problem attacked at all angles. You’ll receive a thorough inspection and a long-term extermination plan. Plus, an exterminator can follow up to replace traps and help you employ methods to prevent future infestations.

Trapping Mice & Taking Preventative Measures on Your Own

If you wish to try ridding your home of mice on your own first, there are a few steps you can take. But remember, where there is one mouse, there are likely many, many more.

Trapping Mice

Place traps in areas where there are signs of mice activity, including droppings, tracks or strong odors. This could be in cabinets, along baseboards, or behind appliances.

You can also put the traps near any wall openings, such as vents or small holes. If you capture any mice, use gloves when disposing of them and carefully clean surfaces to prevent the spread of disease.

A Few Notes About Bait

Common types of mouse bait include peanut butter, hazelnut spread, chunks of deli meat, pieces of chocolate, or seeds and nuts. You can also use marshmallows, fruit jam, or soft nesting materials like floss and yarn.

High-protein, sweet and fatty foods work best. Try specialty bait and pellets if your regular bait isn’t working to attract the mice.

Preventing Mice Infestations

Mice can survive on a few grams of food per day. Even a few crumbs can attract them, so it’s important to be as sanitary as possible. Keep your food in airtight containers and your garbage in a hard container with a lid.

Fortify your home against mice. Make sure no pipes or faucets are leaking, because mice can use this as their water source. Identify and seal up any small holes in your walls, baseboards, or behind appliances.

Also seal up any wall cracks, and gaps in windows and doors. Remember, mice can squeeze through the smallest of entry points!

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