How to Get Rid of Rats Under the HouseThere are many ways to get rid of rats living under your home, including do-it-yourself options and professional services. Do-it-yourself options such as over-the-counter traps and poison are viable solutions for minor rat infestations, but may not be as effective for larger issues. Professional rat removal experts often use commercial grade traps or baits, including locking bait stations suitable for indoor use to address an infestation. In most cases, these solutions are more effective at resolving an infestation and preventing future rat issues.

How to Tell if You Have a Rat Problem Under Your Home

By nature, rats prefer dark, damp spaces to make their nests. Unfortunately, this describes perfectly the space under many Portland-area homes. In fact, the Portland area’s combination of forests, waterways and residential neighborhoods serve as a breeding ground for Norway and other types of rats.

In most cases, it isn’t difficult to tell if you have rats living under your home; the sound of rats scurrying about is fairly telling. There are other indicators of a rat infestation, including gnaw marks in wood, wiring, siding, dirt and other materials around the foundation of your home. The presence of rat droppings is another good sign that you have a problem. Deceased rats may also cause a noticeable odor.

rat problemIf you have noticed any of these indicators, it is important to take swift action. Rats carry diseases that are transmittable to humans, including hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia and bubonic plague. In addition to these health issues, rats left unchecked under your home may lead to significant damage to your wiring, floorboards and more. Simply put, without the proper action, a rat infestation can quickly become an unmanageable and costly issue.

Fortunately, you have options when dealing with a rat problem under your home.

The DIY Method

Many homeowners attempt to get rid of rats under their houses using traps, poisons and other products purchased from the local hardware store. These efforts may prove successful in some cases; however, many of these strategies have significant drawbacks. Trapping is like fishing; one person can do it and get no results while another who knows what they are doing can clean up.  The use of bait by those unfamiliar with it poses the risk of unintended harm to wildlife, pets and possibly even humans.

If you have small children or pets around your home, or get squeamish at the site of rats, the DIY method may not be the best choice.

Trust the Professionals

Rather than tackling the process of removing rats from under your home yourself, it may be best to contact a professional. A licensed, insured pest removal company is equipped to help you solve your rat problem safely, quickly and permanently.

A professional exterminator will use rat removal solutions that are quick to be effective and greatly minimize any potential risks. Treatments will focus on eliminating the current rat problem and discouraging rats from returning to the space under your home in the future.  Professional rat extermination should always go hand in hand with exclusion based rat prevention.

When choosing the right exterminator, make sure to find one who will work with you to determine the extent of your rat problem, your goals for remedying it and your preferences for the work before ever getting started. This way, you will ensure your happiness with the services and the effective completion of the rat removal process.

Proper rodent control keeps your family safe and healthy. Contact an exterminator to learn more about the process of professionally removing rats from under your home.