Keeping spiders out of your hair, and everything else, can be tricky. Spiders are small, quick and shy…not to mention startling. You find them inside in your bathroom or basement and outside in areas like decks and patios. But how do you keep them from becoming a nuisance around your home?

A trained pest control expert can assess your spider population. From there, they’ll execute an effective control strategy in and around your home to make sure the only webs you have are connected to the Wi-Fi.

Do I Need Spider Extermination Inside and Outside?

Spiders are difficult to exterminate because they don’t live in nests or colonies. They are rugged individualists who prefer dark quiet places to live alone.

An effective spider extermination strategy will help identify and eliminate existing spiders. It should also take preventative measures to keep new spiders from getting in your home and webbing up your yard.

Indoor and Outdoor Spider Extermination

Spraying outside your home has two benefits:

  1. It eliminates spiders and webs in outdoor living spaces.
  2. It deters spiders from entering your home.

Spiders enter your home via small openings in doors, windows, screens, air vents, chimneys and foundation cracks. Sealing these areas outside your home is one method of prevention. Spraying the perimeter is another.  A spider pest control expert can identify and spray high-risk areas where spiders are entering your home.

Spraying inside your home typically focuses on a few key areas:  baseboards, window frames, and cracks and crevices, particularly around cabinetry.  HVAC vents and returns can also be a common hiding spot.  Eventually, while we can’t treat every area where a spider might be, we can create enough of a web, no pun intended, to start drastically reducing your population.

By combining both indoor and outdoor spider extermination services, you’ll keep arachnid traffic away from your home and yard in one unified effort.

Is Spider Extermination Safe?

Yes, spider extermination efforts are safe. Sprays with minimal ingredients are safe for you, your pets and the environment. You can still cook in your kitchen and the kids can play in the yard.

A carefully executed extermination plan will have little effect on your home other than getting rid of unwanted creepy crawlies.

One of our expert exterminators can discuss the options with you to make sure that you are comfortable with a plan for your home. We want you to feel good about the process at every step.

Your Portland Spider Extermination Experts

At All Pest Control Company in Portland, we know that discovering a yellow sac spider in your bathtub or a hobo spider in your garage can be an unsettling experience. We’d love to help you with your spider invasion inside and out. Give us a call or contact us today.