Fall Rain Leads to Signs of Mole Damage in Your Yard. Mole Removal Service can Help.

Mole removal is an important component of keeping your yard looking great.  Areas of the yard that were recently reworked over the summer, often involving some soil cultivation, are always prime spots for mole damage.  

Moles causing problems in a yard

Moles causing problems in a yard

Also, it is common to see the areas of mole activity in the yard shift as the location of their food sources (worms and grub) might because more concentrated in different areas with the change in weather.

How Moles Damage Your Yard

Damage can occur not only from the mounds and surface runs close under the soil, but also mushy soil or sickly areas in the lawn.   Additionally, moles can cause indirect damage to landscape plants do to providing the tunnels near roots that vegetation eating pests like voles can use for easy access to plant roots. Since moles are willing to re-colonize, they will gladly take over old tunnels previously used by past moles.   This can sometimes lead a frustrated and confused homeowner to think that an original mole infestation was never solved when in fact is was.

Importance of Mole Removal & Trapping

Unfortunately, new, opportunistic moles have just moved into the neighborhood.   So should a homeowner just give up?   Absolutely not!   Tunnels, if left unoccupied, will eventually fill, cave in or close up given enough time and settling.   Therefore, it is extra important to get right back on mole trapping as soon as there are signs of a new problem.   The sooner the new moles are extricated from the area the better.   They will have less opportunity to reopen as many tunnels and the erosion of the tunnels can continue. Finally, the upcoming arrival of winter will not provide any legitimate relief.

Unlike some pests, mole populations are not generally reduced by the cold and they do not hibernate.   Your solution?   Call All Pest today for your free mole extermination estimate!