How Do You Get Rid of Sugar Ants in Your Home?

Sugar ants—while the name sounds sweet, an infestation of them is anything but. When you work hard to keep a clean and beautiful home, seeing a line of ants in your kitchen or your laundry room can make you feel like a domestic failure. There are steps you can take to remove these pesky pests from your home. When doing so, however, remember to use safe, effective treatments that last.

Sugar Ants Are Tiny, but Also a Big Nuisance

A sugar ant is about as small as a pest gets, with an average length of only 1/8”. When you’ve spotted this kind of ant in or around your home, you were likely looking at a whole crew of them on a crumb your child left on the sidewalk or around your kitchen garbage.

Only see one sugar ant? Don’t let that fool you. A single ant means there is an ant colony.

An ant infestation can be a bigger problem when a colony makes itself comfortable around or inside your home. They might not cause structural damage to a property like other ants and pests, but they do come in swarms and they are incredibly difficult to remove if not handled properly.

The Biggest Danger Is Unsafe Ant Treatment

Sugar ants themselves will not chew through a house or wreck your landscaping. While they can apply small bites when they feel threatened, the reality is they pose little harm to your home, you and your family.

A more realistic risk related to sugar ants, however, is when homeowners try to treat the problem themselves. Some of the ant control products on the market are very toxic and should not be left out in your house—particularly nowhere near children or pets.

And while there are many DIY options available in hardware stores and most everywhere on the Internet, most are not effective. Why is that? Because most favor quick solutions over lasting solutions. If you decide to try to treat a sugar ant invasion on your own, ensure you choose a method that treats the whole colony.

Safe and Effective Treatment Is Available to Get Rid of Sugar Ants

The staff at All Pest Control knows how to most safely—and effectively—treat a sugar-ant infestation on your property. They will not just get rid of the sugar ants you see but target the colony through the application of a low-risk chemical that the ants will bring back to their colonies themselves.