Although small creatures, ants can be a serious nuisance for Portland homeowners. Odorous or sugar ants like to crawl around on kitchen countertops while carpenter ants enjoy making a mess out of your wooden siding. To remove these pests, you must call a professional ant exterminator.

Ant Extermination at the Source

The goal of any ant extermination project is to achieve full colony removal. Ants don’t like to roam alone. Typically, a few ants in your home signals a colony somewhere close. Without treating the problem at the source, you run the risk of continuing to see ants in the days and months after treatment.

This is why many DIY solutions fail to work. Spraying ants on contact will only kill the ants you see—not the ones you don’t. An exterminator can find the colony source and remove it.

Types of Ant Extermination Treatments Available

There are many different types of carpenter ant and odorous ant extermination treatments available, depending on the scale of your infestation. The most common types include:

  • Baiting: Through baiting, we’ll place bait around your home where ants like to travel. Depending on the specific bait, as they take the bait the ants will either eventually die individually or preferably, take the bait back to the colony and cause the death of more ants. This is a good option for small infestations inside the home. It is also useful as a supplement treatment with spraying. We also use inadvertent treatment this way, using a longer-lasting substance. The ant will travel back to the colony where the rest of the ants will come into contact with it.
  • Spraying: Spraying can be helpful for larger infestations. Your exterminator can spray around the inside or outside of your home. Spraying areas that have a lot of ant traffic are usually the target zone to increase the amount of treatment brought back to the colony.
  • Barrier treatment: Barrier treatments are great for keeping all pests at bay. These treatments are sprayed around the inside and outside of your home, creating a barrier that repels pests.

All Pest Control: Guaranteed Pest Removal Services

All of our pest removal services are completely guaranteed. With warranties spanning from 30 days to three years, you can trust your pest problem to us. Plus, our treatment options are environmentally sensitive whenever possible.

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