What is a Rodent?

Rodents are small, wild animalsmouse-eating like mice, rats, moles and squirrels. They play an important part of the environment balance in fields, forests and city yards. But, if they end up inside your home, they can cause serious damage and can transmit diseases to humans.

What is Rodent Control? Why is it Important?

Rats and mice are best controlled by carefully and strategically baiting or trapping while squirrels are live trapped for subsequent release.   Proper rodent control keeps your family safe and healthy.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are prolific breeders. They have four to six litters every year and each litter can include as many as ten pups. An uncontrolled rat or mouse population can quickly lead to a disaster and makes getting rid of them even more difficult. There are several types of rats and mice in the Portland area and many are becoming more aggressive in the areas they invade.

For instance, roof rats in climb onto the roof from tree branches. These agile creatures have been seen knowing through small openings in roofs and under tiles to get into the attics and walls of your home. You can hear rats and mice running through your walls and will likely notice droppings in areas where food is kept. Both are extremely unhealthy and can spread the viruses and diseases they carry.


Squirrel on a DeckSquirrels are cute when you see them running around outdoors carrying around acorns and nuts. But when they get in your house, they are nothing but a disaster waiting to happen. Within minutes, these creatures start to panic trying to find a way to escape back to the outdoors. Their first reaction is to start chewing through whatever is in the way of making their escape possible.

They’ll quickly ruin a window casing or door frame. They also hide in between the flooring and subfloor or in a ceiling or attic. You’ll be able to hear them jumping around in these places. The good news is that squirrels can easily be trapped and released again outside where they belong.

Rodent Control Safely Removes These Animals from Your Home

Rodent invasions in your home can cause serious health problems and property damage. We have controlled all varieties of rodents for decades and understand how to safely eliminate each of them. Not only do we expertly remove rodents from your home, we try to do it with as little impact upon you as possible. Your family’s health and safety are our top concerns.