What Is the Best Rodent Control?

Do you have mice or roof rats around your Portland-area home? If so, you’re probably ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of them. DIY methods don’t always work and can actually make things worse. The best rodent control is completed by a professional.

The Best Rodent Control Is a Combination of Professional Methods

A pest control technician will assess the infestation and create a successful plan of action. Typically, professional rodent control will include a combination of: 

  • Extermination: This is the act of actually removing the pests from your property. Methods may include trapping, baiting or using glue strips.
  • Exclusion: Once the population of pests is controlled, it’s time to exclude them from your property completely. A pest control professional will pinpoint areas around your home where rodents enter such as holes in walls and around plumbing.

Once a professional has completed extermination and exclusion, the rest is up to you. 

To ensure your pest control service is given its best chance at success, you’ll need to follow up with good cleaning practices. For example, cleaning up spills and crumbs around your home can keep mice at bay.

Questions to Answer to Determine a Plan of Action

A pest control professional will consider many factors before deciding how to move forward with extermination. Some of the questions they’ll answer include:

  • What’s infesting your home? While mice may be exterminated through simple glue traps, rats, squirrels may need to be trapped and released.
  • What size of infestation do you have? Small infestations require less intervention than large infestations. For example, a small infestation can often be eradicated with some baiting. Yet, a large infestation may require baiting and trapping or other methods.
  • What is the location of the infestation? The location of the infestation will affect the type of extermination method used. For example, an infestation in your attic will need a different approach than one inside your main living space.

Rest assured that a professional pest control company can help you rid your home of rodents once and for all. You don’t have to handle the infestation on your own.

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