Best Way to Kill a Rat in a HouseThere are many options for removing rats from your home. Traps and baits available at your local hardware store may be a good solution for removing a single rat. For homeowners with serious rat infestations, or those who wish to avoid dealing with traps or baits themselves, professional rodent removal services may be the best option.

Take Swift Action to Remove Rats from Your Home

Rats carry diseases that are transferrable to humans, including hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia and other serious diseases. In addition to disease, rats may also cause significant and costly damage to your home. Their tendency to gnaw on wood, wire, siding and insulation can lead to repairs and even electrical fires. Removing rats from your home as quickly as possible helps to limit the damage they cause.

Take action immediately if you have noticed any of main signifiers of a rat infestation in your home, including scurrying sounds, gnaw marks, rat droppings or an unexplained odor.

Traps, Baits and Other DIY Solutions

Rat stuck in a baited cageThere are many off-the-shelf solutions designed to address rat infestations in your home. Traps, for example, use bait to attract, then kill or confine the rat for later removal. Traps offer a potentially humane way to remove rats from your home. Traps do leave you responsible for handling live or dead rats, however.

Rat baits are another popular example of a DIY solution to an infestation. By poisoning the rat’s food or water source, or placing bait around the nest, you may be able to kill the rats in your house on your own.  However, use of baits by those unfamiliar with them can cause unnecessary risks to wildlife, pets, and even humans.

Professional Pest Removal & Extermination Services

While it may be tempting to address a rat infestation in your home yourself, there are many benefits to hiring a professional pest removal service. The right exterminator will offer highly effective and fast acting solutions, employed by experience professionals familiar with the techniques, all designed to quickly and safely resolve an infestation in your home.

Pest removal experts work with you to identify and seal any points of entry into your home, cutting off the rats’ means of egress and ingress. A good exterminator will then offer advice on the many solutions available to remove the rats from your house so you can select the one that fits your situation, preferences and the type of rats you are dealing with. Different rat species often require different approaches.

Avoid the hazards posed by a rat infestation—contact an exterminator as soon as you notice any sign of their presence.