Ants invade homes through a wide range of avenues, many of which homeowners overlook. In the Portland area, for instance, ants are known to infiltrate homes through cracks in walls and foundations, doors and windows, floorboards, under the roofline and even through the attic. Even a miniscule opening can prove a means of entry for ants.

If you have noticed ants in your home, search carefully for areas where they may be entering the house or hire a pest removal expert to handle the problem.

Walls and Foundation


During the construction of a home, and as time passes, cracks may open in the foundation or walls. These cracks, even when small and unnoticeable, offer ants an entryway into the home. To prevent ants from marching into your house, seal any cracks in the foundation or walls using the best possible materials. For major cracks, it may be necessary to consult a contractor for help.

Doors and Windows

During the summer months, it can be tempting to leave your doors and windows cracked around the clock. Unfortunately, the fresh summer air isn’t the only thing making it through open doors and windows—ants frequently use open or poorly sealed doors and windows to search for food. To keep ants out, install screens on doors and windows and seal the openings properly.



Homes without basements often have crawlspaces. These dark, enclosed areas make great homes for ants and pests of all types. From the crawlspace, ants may enter your home through cracks in the floorboards and through openings around pipes. Examine your floor for cracks or unsealed openings, and seal any gaps surrounding your pipes to prevent ants from making your house their home.


Ants are small, but mighty. And they are accomplished climbers. Often, ant colonies travel into trees, up utility poles and even up the sides of a house in search of food. Ants may even make your roof their homes by entering through eves, vents and improperly sealed skylights. Regularly inspect your roof for ant infestations, and be sure to seal any openings that may allow entrance into the rest of your house. 


Attic vents allow for air flow; they also provide a means of entry for ants. Homeowners with attics, especially those with aging ventilation or windows, should examine the area for signs of ants and other small pests. As always, seal any openings around vents or windows to limit possible entryways into your home.

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Understanding where ants are entering your home is simply the first step in dealing with the issue. Sealing their entryways and eliminating their presence may require a professional touch.

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