If you spot one mouse, there will likely be more. You’ll need to call a professional exterminator or pest control company. Mice carry disease and multiply very quickly. Studies also show that about a fourth of all property fires from undetermined causes are likely the result of rodents chewing on electrical cords and wires. An exterminator will determine how the mice are getting inside and place traps or use other means to eliminate them and keep them from returning.

Why Do Mice Come in the House?

Mice are attracted by food and warmth. When cooler weather sets in, they inevitably look for food and a nice cozy spot to settle into. Unfortunately, that often means if you have even the smallest of cracks in your foundation, under your kitchen sink or around a window casing, these critters see it as an invitation to make themselves comfortable.

How Do You Keep Mice Out of Your House?

We will inspect your property to try to help locate areas where mice are likely to sneak in. It helps if you keep bushes and plants trimmed if they are close to the house. Consider sealing any cracks near the ground with an appropriate outdoor-rated product and check for open spaces under doors. Try to move any outdoor animal or bird feeder far away from the house—these feeding stations attract mice and other rodents. And, if you have any utility service work done that involves drilling holes in walls or foundations, make certain that the technician doing the work closes those holes after finishing.

Did You Know … Mice Carry Diseases

Mice carry several known diseases that can spread to humans when they scurry around the kitchen or through your silverware drawers. They leave a trail of urine and feces droppings everywhere they go in their search for food and warmth. Mouse droppings contain viruses that can cause serious illnesses in people and pets. Mice also carry fleas and other parasites that cause health and safety issues.

Call an Exterminator at the First Sign of Mice

Since mice reproduce very quickly, especially after making themselves comfortable in your home, it is important to call us at the first sign that mice are inside. In our experience, where there is one mouse, many more are hiding close by. Exterminating mice is a process that can take days or weeks, depending upon how bad the infestation is. The sooner we can inspect and determine the best course of action to take, the better. Turn to us so we can safely and efficiently eliminate this health hazard from your home.