Keeping the Summer Wildlife Outside Your Gladstone Home

If pests find their way into your Gladstone home this summer, you don’t want to feel invaded by the team you hire to remove them. All Pest Control has been proudly and quietly keeping Gladstone pest-free without disrupting the homes we service.

We know which pests can be problematic to your family and the best methods for dealing with them without affecting your day-to-day life.

Wasp or yellow jackets nests can be particularly troubling during the summer months. Call us to remove dangerous hives from your living area and give you peace of mind. While these important pollinators are important to our ecosystem, no one wants to get stung.

Mice and ants often find their ways into your food supply and are reluctant to leave. We keep your home healthy by tracing these nuisances to their source to prevent future invasions.

Get out and savor the warm months in Gladstone. While you’re celebrating at the community festival, dropping the kids at summer activities or picnicking at Max Patterson, we’ll fortify your home against all unwanted visitors.

Gladstone Pest Control Services

The city of Gladstone boasts a proud past and a bright future. Home to more than 12,000 Oregonians, Gladstone is ideally situated for commuters, families and business owners. Outdoor enthusiasts, shoppers and foodies love the area’s diverse offerings, while children enjoy the wide range of community events and fun.

While the area may be idyllic and welcoming to residents and tourists, it is not immune to pests. In fact, a wide range of insects, rodents and critters call the Gladstone area home.

All Pest Control Company is locally owned and operated. As residents and regular visitors of Gladstone, we are committed to helping property owners remove pests from their homes and businesses.

Choose All Pest Control for Your Pest Removal Needs

Choosing a pest removal company to help you address an infestation in your home or business can be difficult, especially with the wide range of options available in the Gladstone area. At All Pest Control, we are committed to providing Gladstone area property owners with service that is:

  • Timely and efficient
  • Effective
  • Affordable
  • Reliable
  • Friendly and respectful

We Work on Your Schedule, Not Ours

When you have pests on your property, you want them gone and gone immediately. We work quickly to help Gladstone home and business owners eliminate pests and keep them from coming back. Here’s what Gladstone area property owners have to say about our speed and efficiency.

We were getting our windows and siding redone, we were told by the contractor that there were tons of carpenter ants that needed to be “addressed” before the new siding was reapplied. I quickly jumped online to find a company that would cater to our tight timeline (since the new siding was going up the next day). Sure enough, All Pest was able to stop by that SAME DAY for a consultation. He quickly found the source, bid the work, and did it on the spot within an hour. They even have a warranty!!! We will definitely call them back for ANY critter issues.
—Jill P.

Bugs, Insects, Rodents and Critters—Oh My!

Our Gladstone pest removal experts have the experience and detailed knowledge required to remove and prevent infestations of many types of pests, including:

We stand by the quality and effectiveness of each and every service we offer and guarantee our work for a minimum of 30 days.

Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Home or Business. Request a Free Estimate Today.

If you have seen the first signs of a pest invasion, it is important to take immediate steps to avoid a full-on infestation. Contact a trusted Gladstone pest removal expert or call 503-968-5950 today. We offer free, on-site estimates.