Portland Summer Pest Control

Portland summers are abuzz with life! Perhaps that buzz is too close for comfort? Your local independent experts at All Pest Control are ready to give you a free estimate when Portland’s most notorious pests interfere with your summer.

Ants are a tiny nuisance that can cause big problems if left unchecked, especially when they’re carpenter ants. Avoid toxic sprays that yield temporary results. We follow the problem to its source to make sure your home is safely sealed against the colony’s return.

Mice and other rodents never stop being pesky. We scour your home to make sure that once these pests are eliminated, they stay outside.

Yellow jackets and wasps can make stepping outside a challenge. Trust us to remove dangerous nests and give your family peace of mind all season long.

Go out into the wild, wonderful places in Portland this summer without worrying you’ll find pests when you return home. Check out the blooms at the International Rose Test Garden, or hike the wilds of Forest Park.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service Each & Every Time

We know there are numerous pest control providers and exterminators serving Portland homeowners. But not all pest control companies are created equal. How our team at All Pest Control stands out from the crowd is by simply putting our customers first. Your needs, your concerns, your questions—we put it all at the forefront of everything we say and do.

The technicians are prompt, courteous, and professional.  They explain what the issue is, how the pests live, flourish, and how to attack the issue.  There is no guarantee other than they will do their very best to address the issue and they deliver on that tenfold!
– Julie W., Portland, OR

Saving You Money Through Focused Pest Control Services

We are not here to charge excessive prices for little work. Indeed, we want to be your partner in pest control for as long as you live in Portland. To instill the trust needed to build such a partnership, we will never overprice our services or sell you on products or services you do not need. With us, you will get honesty and transparency at all times.

Great customer service – I was able to get an appointment as soon as I needed it, and the person that came out was both punctual and very polite.  He explained about the pests that we have and the best way to control them – also steered me away from a treatment that I didn’t need, which was greatly appreciated (helping me to save money).
– Terri R. Portland, OR

We Are Your Small Pests’ Worst Enemy

We take great care to exterminate or safely remove all pests from your Portland, OR, home, such as:

We also handle the removal of small rodents and critters, including:

  • Mice
  • Moles
  • Rats
  • Squirrels

When you want honest advice and pinpointed services that eliminate pests and maintain a pest-free existence, look no further than our specialized pest control service providers.

Call All Pest Control for Free Estimates and Warrantied Services

Our Portland, OR, pest control company provides many of our services with a 30-day, 60-day, one-year or three-year warranty. Learn if you are eligible for our warranties and how our professionals can best serve your pest control needs by calling us today at (503) 968-5950 or requesting an estimate online.