Friendly and Effective Spring Pest Control in Tigard

Did you discover some unwanted guests while spring cleaning your Tigard home?

This time of year, pests of all kinds become more active. Ants can seemingly appear overnight. Carpenter ants can be a serious hazard by causing damage inside your home’s wooden structure. Odorous ants aren’t destructive but they sure are a nuisance. Let us keep both of these tiny menaces out for good with safe non-invasive pest control methods that address the source of the problem.

If you’re dealing with rodents inside or out, we’re here to help. Moles can turn your garden into a subterranean interstate. Mice can nest, breed and bring unhealthy pathogens into your home. Don’t worry, we know how to rid you of these furry felons and seal your house against future invasion.

Tigard has much to offer in the spring. Get out and enjoy our fair city without worrying about what pests will be waiting for you when you get home. Drop the kids at Kid’s Night Out while you enjoy a date, get in shape for the duathlon or try some tasty treats at the spring fling.

Experienced to Handle All Small Pest Problems

Whether your pest infestation is a mild irritation or a health hazard, we can help you turn things around and take back control of your home. Our Tigard pest control team has been serving homeowners through the area since will come to you to resolve issues involving:

  • Winged pests, including bees and wasps
  • Multi-legged pests, including ants, spiders and silverfish
  • Small bugs, including fleas and termites
  • Larger insects, including beetles, boxelder bugs and cockroaches

While we do not handle large pests such as raccoons, we do provide reliable and complete pest removal services that involve small critters such as:

Our 3P Guarantee: Professionalism, Promptness & Price-Competitiveness

We have received numerous high customer reviews on rating sites such as Angie’s List, Google and Yelp that all speak to our focus on superior customer service. These reviews stem from our dedication to delivering the extermination or pest removal services you need while offering timely, personalized attention.

It isn’t often I am overly impressed with service companies, but my experience with All Pest Control was more than exceptional and felt compelled to compose a review.
– Angie’s List Review

We know you can call on any one of the number of pest control companies in Tigard, OR, to handle your issue. But we also know that it is not every day that you find a company who truly cares about building a relationship with you that lasts beyond one simple service call. We guarantee you will find that pest partner in us.

They are trustworthy, they show up on time and there is frequent contact with them. Their service package is convenient, and they come out quarterly.
-Angie’s List Review

30 Days up to Three Years: Warranties You Can Count On

We believe firmly in the pest removal, control and extermination services we provide. To prove it, we offer a variety of warranties based on service type. Should one of our treatments not take for some reason, we will come back out—free of charge—to take care of things.

Taking Care of Your Family While Taking Care of the Pests

We make every effort to use environmentally sensitive treatments that eliminate pests while protecting your children and pets. We use organic and natural pest control options whenever possible. Moreover, we always discuss with you the options available to you and the prices so you can make informed decisions that fit your budget.

Request Your Free Pest Removal or Extermination Estimate

Do not let pests run your life or ruin your Tigard, OR, home. Turn to our professional, friendly and dedicated pest control experts at All Pest Control to get rid of your insect, rodent or critter problem. You can reach us today at (503) 968-5950 or you can contact us online to request your free estimate.