Don’t Be Bugged by Pests in West Linn This Summer

If a nest of yellow jackets makes getting from your garage to the back door a dash for dear life, it’s time to call in your neighborhood experts at All Pest Control.

We’ve proudly served the West Linn communities for many years. We know how to safely treat pest invasions in a way that’s safe for your family. And we keep pests from coming back.

When you find tiny odorous ants circling the sugar jar or destructive carpenter ants in the walls, trust us to not only clear your home safely but trace the source to keep them from returning.

Mice and rodents can fit through the tiny cracks and openings in your home’s foundation. Our team knows how to find and seal these petite portals to keep you free from future visits.

We want you to have a worry-free summer. Get out and see what’s blooming in Maddax Woods, launch your canoe or kayak at Fields Bridge Park, or revisit Willamette Falls.

The natural beauty that residents find in West Linn’s trees and lush landscaping also attracts a variety of rodents and pests eager to share your home and yard, however. Here at All Pest Control, our West Linn exterminators can design a pest control plan that keeps insects and rodents outside where they belong. You can enjoy your home and your yard safely and naturally.

All Pest Control Can Safely Address Your Pest Control Problems

We know that you have several options when choosing a pest control company. You can trust us for your every-day pest problems, as well as more urgent infestations and similar problems. You’ll find that we:

  • Are highly committed to our customers’ needs
  • Guarantee our results
  • Provide affordable services
  • Coordinate with your schedule
  • Take care of all the details

West Linn Homeowners & Business Owners Trust Us

We have helped your neighbors in West Linn and throughout the Portland metro area for many years. Here is what one satisfied customer has said about our services:

This company has excellent customer service, follow through and always on top of communicating appointments and action plans.  Every person I talked to was polite, considerate and very fast in resolving our pest issues.  We won’t use any one else!
—Veronica P.

We Provide Natural & Safe Pest Control

We will find the source of the problem and address that first. If you don’t treat the source, you’ll most likely have continuing problems. Our highly-trained pest control professionals can help prevent future infestations of:

  • Insects: Insects are both annoying and potentially dangerous. They carry disease and can overrun your home in a matter of days. We have treatments designed specifically to eliminate:
  • Rodents and other critters: While cute, rodents also carry dangerous diseases that they can pass on to humans thorough in their droppings or if they bite you. We help you keep the following kinds of little critters happily outside where they belong:

We believe in our service professionals and our products. We offer a 30-day guarantee on our work and stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our services.

Have a Pest Problem in West Linn? Request a Free Estimate Today!

It’s important to contact us right away for a free, on-site estimate once you notice any sign that you may have an insect or rodent problem. The sooner you address it, the better. Call the exterminator your West Linn neighbors trust at 503-968-5950 today.