Have a Bee Problem?  Need Bee Removal in the Portland metro area?

Bees are the great pollinators of the world. But they can also present dangers, especially when they invade your home or when you have a family member who is allergic to their stings. Bee swarms, especially, raise issues if a swarm has landed in a location that you cannot avoid.

At All Pest Control Company, we emphasize providing professional bee and hive removal services in a quick, safe and cost-effective manner. With offices in Tigard, OR, we are available to serve families and business owners across the Portland metro area.

We Know Bees

Bees are in the news constantly for the colony collapse disorder that is occurring. The last thing we want to do is exterminate bees that could produce honey or pollinate flowers, plants and crops. To ensure we handle each Portland bee removal concern appropriately, we must first identify the bee species we dealing with.


Honeybees are most common for making honey and pollinating plants. They are not known to be aggressive or threatening. They have one stinger—once the bee uses it, the bee dies instantaneously. Honeybees often nest in walls, chimneys, barns and sheds.


Bumblebees nest in walls, under decks or in the ground. They have a characteristic loud buzz and have the ability to sting multiple times. Again, bumblebees are not aggressive.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees are all black, and are often solitary. They build nests for their young by drilling holes through wood. While carpenter bees can inflict multiple stings, they are unlikely to sting. And, even if they do, their stings are quite mild.

Call on the Right Bee Experts for the Job

There are many companies out there that provide bee removal and hive control services. What makes us different is that we care about protecting you just as must as we do about protecting the environment. This means that we will make smart choices about how and when to remove a bee infestation from your home or yard. And to do it right, we may partner with a local beekeeper who can assist in the relocation of a bee’s nest. In doing so, we keep our pollinators alive and well, while also protecting you and your family.

In the instance that live bee removal and relocation is not possible, we will perform safe and environmentally sensitive extermination services.

Request Your Free Bee Removal Estimate Today

Before you try a general DIY bee removal tactic, give us a call at (503) 968-5950 or contact our Tigard, OR, company online. We will provide you with a free estimate on our professional bee removal services. We guarantee that you will find the value and peace of mind you receive from us are far greater than the risks you take by removing a beehive on your own.