When Boxelder Bugs Become a Problem for Portland Homeowners

In the late summer and early fall, boxelder bugs first begin clustering around the outside of buildings, especially the sides warmed by the sun. When the weather begins to cool, they go in search of a warm place to hibernate. Often this leads to boxelder bug infestations in Portland homes.

The bugs find ways to get inside of homes, entering any way they can—from small holes in window screens to gaps at doors, roof fascia or window joints, or small spaces around cables or plumbing that come into the home. There, they find places to overwinter, often in spaces inside the walls or attic.

Boxelder bugs are usually inactive during the cold times of the year. But, when heat sources within the building are turned on for the winter or when the first warm spring days occur, they can become active again. This can be frightening for homeowners, especially when large numbers of boxelder bugs wake up within the home.

Identifying Boxelder Bugs

Adult boxelder bugs are about half-an-inch long. They are black with orange or red markings. The younger bugs tend to appear more orange. The adult bugs have more black on their bodies. Their wings lay flat, overlapping to form an ‘X’ across their backs.


Are Boxelder Bugs Harmful?

Boxelder bugs won’t cause major damage to your home. They don’t bite. And it’s generally been proven that they do not breed in your home; the ones that are there came in from outside.

However, their droppings can leave stains on furniture and linens. And because boxelder bug infestations often involve large numbers of the bugs, they can be distressing to homeowners.

When Are Boxelder Bugs a Problem?

There are three main times when boxelder bugs become a problem:

  • When they are inside your home: Boxelder bugs in the home are a problem when an infestation makes you and your family uncomfortable. While they don’t bite and won’t destroy the home, they can be messy and unsightly.
  • When the exterior living spaces of your home become inhabitable: Quite often with boxelder bug infestations, your home exterior (siding, windows, decks, patios) can be covered with thousand or tens of thousands of bugs. Practically speaking, such infestations render outdoor activities undesirable.
  • When they damage trees and plants on your property: Adult bugs live, breed and feast on boxelder trees (also maple and ash trees), laying their eggs in spring. They eat the soft parts of the trees and extract juices, which can cause damage to the host tree.


How the Professionals at All Pest Control Company Can Help

If boxelder bugs have become a nuisance for you and your family, All Pest Control Company can help by visiting your home for an assessment. Each situation is different, and the solution that is right for you will depend in the nature of the boxelder bug infestation, as well as your home type and layout.

Boxelder bugs already in the home can be vacuumed up with a high-power vacuum. The exterior of the home may also need to be sealed off so that the small holes or cracks boxelder bugs used to get into the home are permanently blocked. Some experts also recommend removing host trees from the area surrounding the home if the problem consistently appears year after year. However, this isn’t always effective because boxelder bugs can fly long distances in search of food.

We’ll give you our professional opinion about what option or group of options are right for you.

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