All Pest Control delivers expert pest control and extermination services to customers throughout the Portland, Oregon, area. While we promise complete pest elimination, we do so with environmentally sensitive treatments—a natural choice for your home.

Environmentally Sensitive Pest Control for You and Your Family

Over the years, many terms have surfaced to describe eco-friendly pest control treatment from “environmentally safe” to “non-toxic”. At All Pest, we prefer the term environmentally sensitive. We make it our mission to provide pest control that’s sensitive to your family’s needs and preferences while doing what’s safe for our environment.

Our expert, environmentally sensitive pest control services work to rid your home of pests such as:

We also offer pest control service plans custom-tailored to fit your specific needs. From monthly to quarterly visits, we’ll ensure we keep pests at bay. Plus, we’re always on call, ready to take care of any situation that arises, free of charge.

All Pest Control Prioritizes Eco-Friendly Treatment Options

All Pest Control prioritizes eco-friendly—or environmentally sensitive, as we like to say—treatment options when applicable. Yet, we believe that promising you a completely non-toxic, natural and organic pest control solution is dishonest.

Different pests require different treatments. The most effective treatment for one pest might be organic, while another may require a more conventional solution. We’ll work to find the best combination of effective and natural methods to rid your home of unwanted visitors. Rest assured; the services we use at All Pest Control will never do anything to endanger the environment when used correctly.

Let Us Help Clear Up any Confusion

Eco-friendly pest control is a technical and complicated process. It includes a ton of terminology that can be difficult to understand. If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us. Our team can help. Or visit our page on the difference between organic, natural and eco-friendly pest control.

Call Us to Learn More About Our Portland-Area Pest Control Options

All Pest Control Company is available to answer your questions about eco-friendly pest control. To learn more about our environmentally friendly options or for our help eliminating unwanted pests from your home, give our Portland-area pest control experts a call at 503-420-0244 or send us a message.