Do You Need a Professional Flea Exterminator in Portland?

Dog FleaIdentifying a flea infestation may be easy, but getting rid of those pesky insects may prove to be much more difficult.

Fleas are tiny little insects about 2.5 mm in length, with flat bodies and no wings. Instead of flying, fleas have six very long legs that assist them in jumping great distances. Their bodies are reddish brown and are covered with microscopic hairs that are compressed for easy movement through animal fur.

Fleas live on blood, human or pet. They commonly prefer to feed on hairy animals such as cats, dogs, rabbits, squirrels, mice or other domesticated animals.

The adult flea is relatively easy to see and manage. However, eggs are laid anywhere and usually will hatch anywhere, on the ground, rugs or carpets, bedding or upholstery. These flea eggs, larvae or pupae, are often difficult to manage.

How To Know When To Call a Professional

Start with cleaning your pets, yourself and your home. Carpets need to be thoroughly cleaned and pet bedding often needs to be discarded. Besides applying Frontline or Advantage to your pets, you can use things like flea foggers or sprays to eliminate fleas in your home. These are all viable treatment options but often lack the broad spectrum required to kill the larvae. Without killing the larvae, the problem will likely resurface in a few weeks.

If you have tried the above control options and you still have fleas, call a professional. We are happy to talk with you and guide you in the right direction to quickly resolve your flea problem. Call us today and ask for your free estimate!