Mole Control, Removal & Extermination Services

You want to have fun in your yard without worrying if moles are making a mess of your yard!

We have great success trapping moles. The presence of moles can be indicated by the mounds of soil throughout your yard as they construct their tunnels. Moles are grey and have pointed noses that distinguish them from meadow voles, gophers, and shrews. Their noses extend well in front of their mouths. Their small eyes and ears that are concealed by fur and they have large paws for digging.

Oddly enough, the Eastern mole is the most common mole found in the western US and the most troublesome species on the coast of Oregon. They are often associated with tunnels and mounds leading to severe damage across your yard.

While the winter freeze will get eliminate moles for a period of time.  Moles typically mate during February and March and gestation lasts six weeks.  The Eastern Mole is the strongest of the group have a high metabolic rate so they have to consume large amounts of food. They mostly feed on beetles, worms and other insects found beneath the ground and are active both day and night.

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