Portland Rodent Control Company

These little mammals cause a variety of different problems. Some rodents cause primarily interior issues while others focus on the yard. They are attracted to various food sources and have their own, preferred habitats. Mice and rats are of most concern when they enter and live within inside the structure. Moles are exclusively yard pests, while squirrels spend a lot of time scurrying back and forth from outside to inside. Regardless of which rodent or critter is causing a problem, they can all cause a lot of property damage and create an uncomfortable living environment.

Learn more about the most common Portland rodents:

Mice – Though diminutive, these little rodents can carry numerous dangerous pathogens.

Rats – The bigger cousins to mice, rats can cause serious property damage.

Moles – They are grey, have pointed noses and like to making a mess of your yard.

Squirrels – These cute, furry critters can be fun to watch, until they get into your home.

These rodents require a variety of different methods to control and eradicate them. Some can be exterminated while others need to be trapped and released. Quick and thorough action will always minimize damage from these rodents and get your home environment back to its normal condition.

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