Are Silverfish a Problem in Your Portland-Area Home?

Some insect infestations create serious health hazards or raise big concerns about property damage. Although silverfish do not carry known diseases or cause structural issues, they can get into stored food, as well as damage clothing, books and similar items. One thing is certain: Many people find silverfish extremely creepy and annoying. That alone is a good enough reason to take action to control them or eliminate them from your home.

Silverfish ExterminationSmall, Fast and Hungry: Silverfish Can Be a Persistent Nuisance

Silverfish are named for their silvery-colored bodies. They are small, wingless creatures that generally grow no larger than about one-half inch in length. These insects thrive in damp areas, so you may well have found them in your basement or a bathroom. Silverfish feed primarily on starchy foods, fabric, paper and similar items. Consequently, they also infest drawers, insulation, bookshelves and storage boxes.

Where Do Silverfish Come From? How Can We Get Rid of Them?

Silverfish may have entered your home or other building from outdoors. Sometimes people bring boxes or other materials home without knowing they contain silverfish. Once they find a food source, these hardy insects tend to stay near it, and they often lay their eggs in any available crevices.

There are a few steps you should take once you know where silverfish are hiding out, such as:

  • Getting rid of any boxes or materials already infested with silverfish
  • Fixing leaks and improving ventilation to eliminate any standing water and reduce humidity in the silverfish-infested areas
  • Deciding whether you want to try to address the silverfish problem on your own or contact an exterminator who will work to find the source and provide guaranteed solutions

At All Pest Control Company, based in Tigard, Oregon, we know all the best ways to deal with silverfish and the wide range of other pests that complicate our clients’ lives. If you have children, pets or both, you must be careful about who you choose to address your infestation. When available and effective, we prefer environmentally sensitive methods and will find the right answers for your specific needs.

It May Be High Time to Call the Pros About Your Pest Problems.

Our professional exterminators and staff will be glad to talk with you about the concerns you face involving silverfish and other annoying pests. We are friendly people who will welcome all of your questions. We thrive on making people feel better about their living conditions, whatever that takes.Just give us a call at (503) 968-5950 or contact us right now. We offer free estimates and stand behind all of our pest control and elimination services!