Spider Exterminators: Portland Pest Control Experts Keeping Your Home Spider-Free

Spiders are an important part of the ecosystem. They reduce the populations of other pests like flies and mosquitoes. And, for the most part, they mind their own business.

But when you find a giant house spider crawling across your pillow or a hairy hobo spider nesting in your basement, it might be time to reevaluate the priorities of your ecosystem.

With our Portland spider exterminators by your side, you can rest easy. Not only do we understand the habits of these eight-legged intruders, but we’ll also show you that getting rid of them isn’t an eight-day-a-week job.

How Does Spider Extermination Work?

The challenge with spiders is that they don’t have nests or colonies. Spiders are solo individuals who only cluster when eggs are first laid. These clusters look like big furry balls that, when touched, will scatter. You’ll most definitely know one when you see one.

Because of their solo nature, there is no epicenter to target when controlling spiders. They are difficult to keep out of your home because they easily crawl in through cracks, vents, open doors and windows. You can’t put a barrier up and the risk of new spiders coming in remains constant.

Spider extermination means controlling the population. We can remove existing spiders and discourage new invaders by spraying your home or workplace. Baits and sticky traps might work, but spraying gives a higher success rate.

Sprays are a safe means of spider control. They contain a minimal concentration of ingredients and are not harmful to your pets and family. A control plan might target areas both inside and outside your home to have the greatest impact. Our treatment will work on all species of spiders in the Portland area.

Are Oregon Spiders Dangerous?

Spider Exterminator Services

For the most part, no, Oregon’s spiders aren’t dangerous. Outside of the occasional hobo, most spiders in Oregon are not harmful to humans. Spiders may still bite you or your family members, but the risk of harm is low.

The biggest problem with spiders is the nuisance factor. Spiders are creepy and they leave webs around your home. Spider pest control reduces the likelihood you’ll be startled by a spider in your bathtub or walk into a web when you go into your basement.

Do I Need a Spider Exterminator?

Spiders don’t go away on their own. They are constantly seeking dry, dark places to nest. Once settled, many species of spiders produce egg sacs containing hundreds of eggs. A well-managed campaign to control the population eliminates this risk.

A spider exterminator can identify the types of spiders in your home or business and spray accordingly. By returning periodically and respraying, they can significantly reduce the spider population in specific areas, so you don’t have to worry.

Get Experts Spider Pest Control Services in the Portland Area

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