Portland Squirrel Pest Control Services

Cute, furry critters such as squirrels can be fun to watch as they scurry around in the trees and on the ground collecting nuts. You might even tolerate them as they dig in your flowerbeds to hide those nuts for winter. But, having squirrels in your house is far from cute. The animals carry fleas and other unsavory parasites. They can significantly damage your home by constantly chewing on almost any type of substance – wood, drywall, fabric, plastic and insulation.

Squirrel in a Tree

Property Damage Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels will chew on anything that is not metal. They do this because their front teeth continue to grow throughout their lives. They chew on things to keep their teeth trimmed. These things can include wood siding and shingles, roof shingles, plastic and vinyl grill and lawn furniture covers, outside light fixtures, non-mental automotive parts and almost anything else. In addition, once they have found something good to chew on—such as your house—they keep coming back.

Health Consequences of Living With Squirrels

The damage squirrels render goes well beyond gaping holes in your siding or ruined lawn chairs. Once squirrels set up housekeeping in your attic or elsewhere in your home, they have upped the ante. Living in close proximity to these rodents can expose you to diseases such as the plague, tick fever, encephalitis, tularemia and typhus. They can be hosts to ticks that carry Lyme disease.

You do not need to be in actual contact with the animals to contract one of these serious illnesses; you can breathe in particles of their dried urine, excrement or skin.  You do not want to share your living space with squirrels.

To avoid these illnesses and damage, it is important to keep squirrels out of your house and off your property. This can be a challenge, however. Squirrels are remarkably persistent and resent human interference.

Squirrel on a DeckYou Can Try to Discourage Squirrels, but…

You can try squirrel repellant, cutting overhanging trees, and removing fruit and nuts from the ground to send them elsewhere. Make sure there are no holes in the vents or siding. Check the screens on your chimneys. In other words, make your house unattractive.

Once squirrels are in your house, where it is nice and warm and there are no predators, it is hard to get them out. That’s when you should contact a pest control expert who can devise the best strategy to send them packing. Variables on services can include the species of squirrel, the time of year, where they entered the house and other factors.

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