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Termite infestations are quite common in Oregon. Termites are not the most common wood-destroying pest in Western Oregon, but they are still present and cause huge amounts of structural damage.  There are many types of termites but there are three types of destructive termites specific to the Oregon region.  They are Western subterranean, Pacific dampwood termites and Nevada dampwood termites.

Subterranean Termites

The Western Subterranean Termites are orange in color, have no wings, are sterile, blind and work 24 hours a day for their entire 2 year life span. They are extremely destructive to timber   and can rapidly eat through the internal sections of structural timber.  These termites typically swarm during the day in the rainy season and are present from autumn to spring.

Pacific Dampwood Termites

The Pacific Dampwood Termites are the largest and most significant termite found in the United States. Black in color caramel-colored abdomens and a large head and long black toothed mandibles. These termites will attach wood of all types. Wood in contact with soil or built near water are common targets. They are found to be very tolerant of moist climates and each colony may contain as many as 4,000 termites.

Nevada Dampwood Termites

The Nevada Dampwood Termites are similar in appearance to the Pacific dampwood, but are darker brown and bigger heads. They also will attack all types of wood and are also very tolerant of moist conditions and structures built near water.

If you have termites, it’s critical to identify which type you have in order to formulate an appropriate program to eliminate them. You need a local exterminator with termite specific experience. Contact our termite extermination professionals at All Pest Control today for a free estimate to exterminate your termite infestation.